#142: The Caley Bar, Rutland Street, Edinburgh

The Caley Bar, Rutland Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

We weren’t sure this counted for the tour, being a hotel bar, but it’s got its own door straight into the bar from the street and its own sign too, so we decided it counts. The hotel in question is, of course, the Caledonian Hotel at the foot of Lothian Road. It used to be a railway hotel attached to the Edinburgh Princes Street Railway Station, but that line was closed in the 1960s. Wandering through the hotel to find the toilets, I couldn’t help but be impressed by some of the old architecture.

The bar was very quiet with only one other punter, probably a resident, sitting working away on his laptop. The music was a strange mix with the Beatles, Amen Corner, ABC and some random contemporary pop crap we didn’t know.

The Bar

The Caley Bar, Rutland Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

All kegs: Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted, West St. Mungo, West 4, Becks Vier, Innis and Gunn lager, Guinness, Belhaven Best, Leffe Blonde and Peroni.

It looked like there was a well stocked whisky collection.

£18.10 for a St Mungos, 2 B&T and a bottle of Brooklyn Lager, so around £4.52 per drink.


We got a free bowl of mixed nuts, but I didn’t see anything else in the way of food.

Castle View

Yes! It feels like ages since we actually saw the castle from a pub. You can only see it from the outside.


Web page: The Caley Bar


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