Map update


I’ve been working on the map functionality in spare moments over the last few months and it can now do some fancier stuff like filtering. It’s still in its infancy, and the data is still a bit stale, but it’s fun to play with for a wee while.

The filter is the main new feature. It’s not full free text search of the data, you can only filter by a predetermined list of tags. Auto-complete should work on most devices to give you some clues. Try typing in “Cask Ale” in the filter box. It filters down to only pubs in the dataset that have a “Cask Ale” tag, and then recalculates the voronoi diagram of prices just for the visible results.

There are various minor problems with it, mostly due to laziness on my part:

  • Some issues on touch-screen devices to do with text box focus.
  • You have to hit return twice in the filter box in at least Chrome, once to accept the auto-completed text, and again to activate the filter.
  • If you get a single result, no voronoi diagram is shown.
  • If you get no results, the voronoi diagram from the previous search remains, even though the pub pins disappear.

Ideas for the future, in no particular order:

  • Free text search.
  • Multiple text search like “Cask AND hooks AND dogs”.
  • Do the voronoi diagram for stats other than price.
  • Update the data. E.g. prices are mostly over a year out of date, but still give indicative results.

Have fun.

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