Akva, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

Akva, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh (exterior)

Akva opened in mid July this year, the latest addition to the growing Boda Bars empire, replacing former bar and nightclub Cargo.

There are strong similarities to Hemma, one of the other Boda Bars. Both occupy large, modern, glass-fronted, multi-floor premises with feature staircases slap-bang in the middle of everything. Akva seems a bit bigger though. I’d say it’s made better use of the space than Cargo did, giving up the dance floor, filling it with numerous mismatched, colourful tables and chairs instead.

It was quite busy on this visit, no mean feat for a Tuesday night, admittedly mere days before the Fringe kicked off, but only a couple of weeks after opening. There were barely any tables left indoors, though outside on the patio was empty, no doubt too chilly. Upstairs was slightly quieter, but there was some sort of dance class or similar going on up there. The punters represented a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

The Bar

Akva, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh (interior, bar, stairs)

All kegs: Pilot Blond, Williams Joker IPA, Guinness and others I didn’t write down (I’m out of practice, sorry).

£8.90 for 1 and a half pints and a coke, so probably over £4 a pint.


The menu has strong Swedish and Scottish influences. Prices range from around £7.50 to £10.50 for larger meals, or there’s a selection of smaller nibbly things for under a fiver.


Akva, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh (exterior, patio)

One of the larger outdoor drinking areas in town, should catch any sunshine until maybe mid afternoon, but will be in the shadows in the evening. It faces out onto the end of the Union canal, so no busy traffic sound effects.

Child friendly up to 8pm. Dog friendly “all the time”.

Castle View



Web page: www.bodabar.com/akva
Twitter: @akvaedinburgh
Facebook: Akva

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