Badabing, Fountainbridge Square, Edinburgh

Badabing, Fountainbridge Square, Edinburgh (exterior)

On first impression, this didn’t seem to have changed much from its previous incarnation, Hyde Out. The major differences were the removal of the pool table and the addition of a small stage area for live music, including a mini grand piano. On closer inspection, some decor and most of the furniture has changed too, giving it a more North American appearance. The big TVs show clips from gangster/crime movies or TV shows on repeat, like The Sopranos, The Godfather and True Romance.

It was quiet (around 8:30pm on a Tuesday), but photos on Facebook suggest weekends are busier. Clientèle appear to be a wide range of age groups, but mostly in their twenties. On our visit there was a guy playing acoustic guitar covers of pop ballads from the likes of Coldplay, James Blunt and others. Technically good, but a bit sappy for our tastes. We seemed to be the only ones clapping though (kids these days, etc etc).

Judging by their Facebook page, they appear to be related to The Rat Pack.

The Bar

Badabing, Fountainbridge Square, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

All kegs, Maclachlan’s Best, Coors Light, Carling, Blue Moon, Grolsch, Sharp’s Orchard cider. Bottles were slightly better, but not much, with offerings from Williams Brothers, Caledonian and other typical mass-produced stuff.

Cocktails, wine and spirits are obviously also available, but I’ve no details to hand.

2 pints and a coke was £13.80, so let’s say around £4 a pint.


Food served daily, but no online menus for me to crib from.


Badabing, Fountainbridge Square, Edinburgh (interior)

Live music every night.

Castle View



Twitter: @BadabingEdin
Facebook: Badabing Edinburgh

2 responses to “Badabing, Fountainbridge Square, Edinburgh

  1. Bit sappy for your taste?! Don’t be so rude. That’s nothing to do with the pub, it’s someone clearly trying to earn a wage. Have some respect!!!

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