The Shoogly Peg, Rose Street, Edinburgh

The Shoogly Peg, Rose Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

What used to be the The Gordon Arms is now The Shoogly Peg, a sister pub to The Rose & Crown across the road. As far as I can tell, they’ve been open since the start of December 2014. It’s had a bit of a makeover, though fairly tastefully done, just some modernisation. The old bar’s still there (hooks and all), but the leather seats are gone, replaced with obligatory exposed brickwork, pop lights and natural pastel shades.

On this visit the bar man was a temporary stand-in while the regular staff were out on their Christmas night out across the road (this was into January). For a good while we were accompanied by only one other punter who sat quietly in the corner reading, and occasionally nipping out for a smoke. Later on an elderly couple showed up too and for a short while the barman’s friend nipped in for a chat.

There’s nowt wrong with a quiet pub, and we stayed for a few beers and some food, enjoying the peace and quiet and quick, virtually exclusive service. Tuesday nights are generally quiet across town, even more so in January, but it seemed that most folk were drawn to the “January Sale” in the nearby Black Cat, plus they had better beers, all of which were £2.90 a pop, regardless of brand or dispensing mechanism.

The Bar

The Shoogly Peg, Rose Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

No real ales but on draught there was Tennnent’s Lager, Stella Artois, Williams Joker, Guinness, McEwan’s 80 Shilling, and probably a cider but I didn’t pay attention. Bottles of the usual boring Buds etc plus Williams Brothers, Isle of Skye, Barney’s, Camden, Chimay.

Prices were slightly above average with draught beers at around £4, give or take 10p, bottles from £3.80 to £4.20.


The Shoogly Peg, Rose Street, Edinburgh (food)

Regular pub mains like fish and chips etc from about £7 to £11, with a few small snacks under £5. I got excited at “Nachos with all the trimmings £6.50”, but that was closely followed by “add haggis or chilli for £1.50”. So not with all the trimmings then. We ordered a chicken burger and two steak pies. No complaints, everything was tasty and well presented. It was prepared across the road and brought over.

Westy, this is the place for you, the burgers are served on a regular plate, none of that chopping board nonsense.

Castle View



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