Week 49 summary – officially finished

Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street

So we’re done! We finished on Tuesday, July 1, visiting a total of 273 pubs (3 of which were revisits after e.g. changing hands) in 49 weeks, just under our target of a year. Looking back now, it’s a good job we had two monster pub crawls in December and February, or we’d not have finished. Mind you, had we stuck to the rules we set out with and hadn’t visited hotel bars, we might have been done sooner.

While it’s officially all over, it’s not the end. There are still a couple left to write up, ones that opened after we were done (Usher’s) or missed completely (Blackfriars), and there will be new pubs appearing soon (Spit/Fire). It’ll be a lot easier to keep up to date now the hard work is out of the way. I’d also like to do a few posts looking at some statistics cos I like a nice graph.

So the last 4 we visited on July 1 were:

We finished the night at Bert’s on William Street, taking us full circle, but we could relax without taking notes or following daft rules.

The End, Back to William Street.


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