#271: Le Monde, George Street, Edinburgh

Le Monde, George Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Le Monde is another hotel/bar/club fusion on George Street. As you walk in you find the smallest of four bars, “The Library”, a relatively bright room with leather armchairs and small stools, lots of mirrors, a fireplace, token ornamental bookcase and large bunches of flowers. Through the back is “The Sky Bar”, a much larger area with a central bar, a lot more tables and booths, and a private dining area. Above that is “Dirty Martini”, but we didn’t go up for a look, it was closed. It’s pretty big too, and does live music events by all accounts. In the basement is “Shanghai”, a club that always seems to have a big queue outside on a Friday or Saturday night.

Le Monde, George Street, Edinburgh (interior)

We visited on a Tuesday as usual, and sat in the front bar. There were plenty other punters in enjoying a quiet drink, but it was far from busy. Most people were making the most of the sunny evening, so the tables outside on the pavement were all full.

It’s a Saltire Taverns establishment, the other one I know of being Angels Share.

The Bar

Le Monde, George Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Pretty standard mainstream keg lineup: Fosters, Guinness, Heineken, Caledonian 80/-, Amstel, Caledonian Three Hop and Strongbow.

There was a cocktail menu with over 30 to choose from, mostly £7.50 but a few were about £10.

4.5 pints cost “something like £14”, said Iain. He had a 10% off voucher so it complicates things a little. That means at least £3.46 per pint without the discount, perhaps up to £3.70 assuming he paid under £15. That’s cheaper than expected, I had this place pegged as over £4 a pint, easy.


Burgers from £11 to £14, mains £11 to £18 for swanky versions of pub classics. I have to admit that “Beef, haggis & whisky sausages with leek & potato stovies” sounds great, but it’s still bangers and mash.

Castle View

Nowt, unless there’s a view out the back of the upstairs bar.


Website: lemondehotel.co.uk
Twitter: @lemondehotel
Facebook: Le Monde


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