#270: Juniper, Princes Street, Edinburgh

Juniper, Princes Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Juniper has been around for about a year, effectively the hotel bar of the Royal British Hotel on Princes Street. The main attraction is the spectacular views over towards the castle and the old town. It’s the first thing you notice as you walk into the bar after traipsing up the stairs from the street. The bar itself is a modern, almost Star Trek-like affair. There’s a cosier, more traditional lounge with assorted wing back chairs, shiny tables and an odd cartoon-like pastel blue colour scheme.

Castle view from Juniper, Edinburgh

It was relatively busy for a Tuesday night, but quite a few of the punters were there for a graduation thing. Lots of celebrating going on, and likely enjoying a drink before dinner through in the restaurant. The bar staff were polite and professional. Music was an odd mixture of mainstream funky stuff like Jamiroquai, with some songs from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (according to Doug) and then, out of nowhere, Black Grape, like a punch in the 90s face.

The Bar

Juniper, Princes Street, Edinburgh interior, bar)

Not a particularly inspiring draught lineup with West St Mungo, Heineken and Guinness.

The bottles were slightly more appealing with offerings from Meantime, Anchor, Brooklyn and a few more common beers.

Their main thing is cocktails though, prices mostly hovering around £8, but a few well above that. There are lots and lots of gins, whiskies, rums and vodkas too with a “spirit flight”, something I’ve never noticed elsewhere before. The Cognac flight, consisting of 3 25mL glasses is £100! My eyes are popping out of my head right now. That’s atypical though. Check their menu out on the website linked below for more info.

The average price of a pint was £4.03, average price of a bottled beer was £4.02.


They have a small bar menu of “street food”, whatever that is, mostly around the £6 mark, but with a few more exotic options like oysters for £14, or cheaper options of fries for £3. We didn’t see any food heading out to any punters, but at these prices, in this setting, I’d guess it’ll be tasty but portions will be small. Is that what “street food” means?

If you want something bigger, the adjoining restaurant “Twenty” is only a few steps away, there isn’t even a door to get in your way, though it’s a good deal pricier.

Castle View

Yes, there’s a pretty good view of the castle, particularly from inside with the elevation helping a bit. So, a full hokey-cokey, feels like a long time since we had one of those.


Website: www.juniperedinburgh.co.uk
Twitter: @JuniperEdin
Parent: Cairn Group

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