#269: Pickles, Broughton Street, Edinburgh

Pickles, Broughton Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Pickles is a cosy upmarket licenced café in one of the many basements of Broughton Street. The interior is a bit like a posh country kitchen, or maybe an old-school grocery store with shelves of booze and pickles lining the walls. The fairy lights dotted around add a little extra charm somehow. Outside there a couple of small tables and a bit of standing room.

Iain and I ticked this one off on a Friday night, not sure whether it really counted towards the tour. In the end I decided that it did count despite being more of a café than a bar. At least on a Friday it appears to be treated as a bar, everyone was drinking but not eating much.

If we’d shown up on a Tuesday as usual it probably would have been empty and really felt like a café. Friday nights are busy though, it seems, and on this particular Friday it was also the end of school term, and we could hear a bunch of teachers screeching and whooping with joy at the prospect of weeks of holiday ahead. There were also numerous very well-to-do-looking people in, and by the occasional whiffs from near our table, I’d say at least one of them had been in eating cheeses and meats and drinking fine wines all afternoon. Oof.

The Bar

Pickles, Broughton Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

There are no beers on draught, only bottles from Belhaven, Caledonian, Innis & Gunn, Guinness and a bunch of generic lagers. Prices weren’t extortionate, from £3.00 to £3.80 per bottle.

Their main gig appears to be wine, and it’s available by the bottle from £14 to £20 or £3 to £5 a glass.


The menu is fairly small and focuses on pâtés, meat platters and cheese platters, in the region of £7.50 to £10. There are also some smaller snacks like picked eggs, olives, nuts, crisps etc for a pound or two.


There were some games available like dominoes, backgammon, draughts and perhaps more.

Castle View



Website: www.getpickled.co.uk
Facebook: Pickles


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