#261: The Nor’ Loch, Waverley Station, Edinburgh

#261: The Nor' Loch, Waverley Station, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Nor’ Loch is the only bar in Waverley train station. I thought it’d be some chain pub with overpriced drinks, taking advantage of the captive audience waiting for their trains. It turns out it’s no chain pub (at least no particular branding), and nor is it particularly expensive. The interior perhaps lacks a little imagination, and looks a bit chain-y but it’s not too bad, a reasonable level of woodenness, a few leather sofas, some puggy machines and plenty of tables.

There was one glaring dodgy bit, pictured below, a pillar with broken plaster. We had various theories about how that might have happened, eventually settling on the obvious answer: there must have been a full-on Wild West bar brawl in here the night before. As we were leaving, the staff were attempting to hide it all under some World Cup flags.

It was pretty quiet on this visit, our usual Tuesday night affair at around 6:15pm. There were a handful of other punters around of various age-groups and nationalities. The bar staff seemed very friendly.

I noticed a Best Bar None Scotland certificate on the wall from 2013, something I’ve never heard of before. It’s about encouraging safer drinking establishments and is backed by some big names in the industry, government and the police. The irony is that the pub has a slight reputation, what with its close proximity to the last train home on a Friday night.

The name of the pub is a reference to the old loch which was drained in the early 1800s to make way for Princes Street Gardens, a portion of which is now occupied by Waverley train station and the pub itself.

The Bar

#261: The Nor' Loch, Waverley Station, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Cask: Morland Old Speckled Hen, Caledonian Flying Scotsman. Keg: Stella Artois, Tennent’s Lager, Guinness, Heineken, Fosters, Amstel, West St. Mungo, Belhaven Best, Strongbow.

The round was £15.70 for 3.5 pints and a soft drink. That’s cheaper than expected given the captive audience, probably just under £4 a pint.


Meals served daily but I’ve got no details.


Several big TVs showing the World Cup while we were in.

Castle View





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