#258: Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh

Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Tigerlily is a huge bar by Edinburgh standards, much bigger than it looks from outside (the picture below is just a fraction). It’s very stylish with lots of bespoke furniture and fancy lighting. The accompanying “boutique” hotel is probably similarly presented.

On our Tuesday night visit, circa 8:15pm, it was relatively busy. I felt a little out of place; everyone was better dressed and much better looking. The music was a mix of unidentified dance and disco. At weekends it’s a good deal busier, I seem to remember having trouble even getting to the bar through the throng, though that was years ago.

By far my favourite thing here was a comment from a member of staff after mentioning our tour, something to the effect of “I don’t rate the beers here much, go to The Black Cat, Red Squirrel or Haning Bat”. Good, honest advice!

Being a Montpeliers Limited joint, it’s a sister bar to Montpeliers, Rick’s Bar, Candy Bar, Indigo Yard etc.

The Bar

Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

A fairly uninspiring beer selection if you’re a beer snob like myself, and at premium prices too, all on keg: Innis & Gunn Lager, Belhaven Best, Peroni, Cobra, Blue Moon, Grolsch Blond, Guinness, Sharp’s Orchard, Asahi, Estrella, Krusovice.

The average price of a pint is £4.86 going by the menu prices rather than the price of our round. The most expensive is Peroni at £5.65, the cheapest is Belhaven Best at £4.40(!), but most of them are £4.75.


Much like other Montpeliers establishments, I imagine the food is good but it’s expensive, not really bar food at all. Full menus are on their website, but as an indication mains are from £12 to £20, mostly around £19. The first menu I’ve seen with a section just for “crustacea”.


The “smoking room” is unique. It looked like a regular room near the bar with low lighting and some tables and chairs, but which presumably has no ceiling or something, so is technically outside? I didn’t go in to take a look.

Castle View



Website: www.tigerlilyedinburgh.co.uk
Facebook: Tigerlily Edinburgh
Twitter: @TigerlilyEdinb
Parent: Montpeliers Limited


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