#255: The Dome, George Street, Edinburgh

The Dome, George Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Another guest post from Russ, cheers!

Without doubt the most impressive bar interior in Edinburgh. It is, to put it simply, a stunning building. I’m not sure where it gets its name from. Maybe it’s the MASSIVE domed roof. Even if you don’t want a drink, go and take a look in, it’s worth a gander.

The Dome, George Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

The interior consists of lots of tables and chairs, spread around the central circular bar. I don’t think this is the sort of place that you go and stand at the bar while you drink. I dare say you can, and I dare say on busier nights it probably does happen. But on a quiet Tuesday evening I got the feeling it wasn’t really the done thing.

The Dome, George Street, Edinburgh (interior, entrance)

They have massive fresh flower arrangements on the way in, they are very impressive too. The tree/flower arrangements in the main atrium are fake. I think that’s fair enough given the scale of the things. They would cost an absolute fortune to keep fresh. The problem with the fresh flower arrangements was that they gave the whole place a strong smell of lilies. I’m not a big fan of that smell. Points off.

Points back on though as we got some free peanuts with our drinks order. And talking of orders, it was table service.

The Dome, George Street, Edinburgh (interior)

Beers available on tap were Caledonian 80/- and Deuchars, McEwans 70/-, Tennent’s Lager, Guinness, Kronenbourg 1664, Heineken, Stella Artois and Strongbow Cider.

Prices weren’t ridiculous at about £3.80 a pint. I seem to recall it wasn’t the best tasting pint I’ve had in my life. For some reason Dave had a non-alcoholic beer (Kaliber). It was about £2.80. He won’t be doing that again: it was rank.

There was a menu of about 20 or so cocktails from £8-£12, mostly under £9.

For food there is an area at the back. And it’s pricey. I think it’s billed as more of a restaurant, rather than food you’ve bought in a pub.

One thing to note is that there is another bar adjoining the main dome, I can’t remember its name, but it’s billed as more of a “gentleman’s club”, not of the exotic dancing variety, more as somewhere you’d go and have a quiet pint and read the paper. It has fairly limited opening hours though and wasn’t open when we went. I have been in the dim and distant past though, and you got free peanuts there too. There were almost certainly ‘ooks at the bar, and I recall rather liking the ambiance.

So there we have it. The Dome. An amazing building, and an ok boozer. One final note: their christmas decorations are incredible. I make a point of going every year just to look.

[Edit by Dave: It’s a Caledonian Heritable bar, affiliated with Tiles, The Pear Tree, Bannerman’s, City Cafe etc.]

Castle View



Website: www.thedomeedinburgh.com


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