#254: Tempus, George Street, Edinburgh

Tempus, George Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Guest post by Russ. Cheers!

The minute you enter Tempus it feels like a classy, up-market establishment, which is perhaps what you might expect given that it’s attached to the George Hotel. It’s worth noting that the main entrance is through a revolving door. Depending on the volume of alcohol you have consumed this may prove to be an obstacle, provide amusement, or neither of the above.

It is split over two levels separated by just a few steps. The lower area has the bar, and some seating. This has both short tables and a taller variety so that your group can contain some standers and some sitters. Note: no ‘h’. The upper area has a lot more seating in booths, at larger tables, and a few smaller tables too. Through the back (at the back of the photo below) is the restauraunt, but we didn’t go through for a look.

Tempus, George Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Decor-wise it’s pretty nice. Dark wooden floors and light ceilings. The lighting is nice, with a mix of chandeliers and on table lighting. It’s all done in a modern, and what I believe could be referred to as ‘trendy’ way.

One thing to note, on the upper level, just to the left of the steps as you go up, there is a tiny incline on a couple of the floorboards. This tripped me up. I will deduct marks because of this. No ‘ooks at bar either; more marks deducted.

For a Tuesday night it wasn’t doing too badly for atmosphere, but you couldn’t say it was busy. The clientele were quite well presented, middle-aged business types and/or hotel guests. The music consisted of a sort of crowd-pleasing 70s funky mix including Stevie Wonder etc.

The Bar

Kegs: Peroni, Becks Vier, Guinness, Magners, Tennent’s Lager and Ember, Boddington’s.

Pints were around £3.90, but a bottle of Black Sheep was £4.50!


Food looks good. And so it should given the prices. £15 for fish and chips?! If Dave hadn’t requested zero profanity in these reviews there would have been some here. In fact here’s a single asterisk. * Insert your word of choice. There are the usual selection of mains, a selection of sandwiches (£6-10) and tapas style mini dishes (£3-£4). It’s all at the upper end on the pub food price bracket though.


Toilets are away downstairs, possibly associated with the hotel’s function rooms. The toilets are nice and clean, have the option of paper towels or dryers which is a bonus (try blowing your nose on a dyson airblade), and if memory serves correctly they had a pleasant vanilla-ish odour.

Castle View



Website: www.tempus-edinburgh.co.uk


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