#246: Pivo, Calton Road, Edinburgh

Pivo, Calton Road, Edinburgh (exterior)

I haven’t been here in something like 10 years, and on first impressions it’s not changed a lot, except for the beers. There’s not much in the way of (non-big-name) European beers any more, or am I romanticising about a time when Staropramen seemed new and exotic? Being a Belhaven pub could have something to do with it too. When did that happen, or was it always thus?

Pivo, Calton Road, Edinburgh (interior)

Anyway, it’s a dark low-ceilinged place with a unique brass/copper(?) bar, simple furniture and a few mirrors and old adverts on the walls. There’s a small dancefloor past the bar and a DJ booth.

We were the only folk in at about 8pm on a Tuesday. It was closed when we tried earlier in the evening, after visiting The Black Bull upstairs. I presume it’s much busier later, DJ sets typically starting from 10:30pm most nights. Back in the day, at least, it would get very busy at weekends. Looking at their Twitter account it seems they have a new jukebox, I didn’t notice one on this visit (end of May), but we were serenaded by Faith No More on the stereo on the night.

The Bar

Pivo, Calton Road, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Kegs: Staropramen, Tennent’s Lager, Stella Artois, Guinness, Kozel, Belhaven Craft Pilsner, Strongbow, Aspall Cyder.

There were flyers on every table for the “Craft Beer Festival”, seen at various Belhaven pubs over the past few months. This involves bottles from Goose Island, Camden, Anchor, Brooklyn, Samuel Adams, Blue Moon, and Fruli. So Craft. Such bandwagon. Wow.

I’ve no notes on the price of a pint, but the Craft bottles were £3.50 a pop.


DJ sets most nights until 3am. Flyers on the tables mentioned “alternative & rock”, “indie, punk, hip-hop”, “modern and classic rock & roll” and “alt/punk/psychobilly” nights. Quiz nights are Thursdays at 8pm.

Iain observed (or was it Westy?) that the taps in the toilets are either hot and dribbly or cold and gushing.


Just crisps.

Castle View



Website: www.pivo-edinburgh.co.uk
Twitter: @pivo_edinburgh
Facebook: Pivo


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