#243: The Black Bull, Leith Street, Edinburgh

The Black Bull, Leith Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Black Bull is a self-proclaimed rock bar, complete with photos of various rock legends on the wall like Iggy Pop, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and more. The jukebox is stocked with rock music old and new and on this occasion we were treated to 90s Metallica, Pantera and others I haven’t heard in years. It had a vague North American feel to it with brick walls, coloured spotlights, a TV or two and a pool table. It’s not surprising then to learn that they pride themselves on their collection of around 30 different bourbons.

It wasn’t very busy when we arrived at about 530 (Tuesday, as usual), but got steadily busier in the 45 minutes or so we were in there. There was a mildly stale aroma.

Boring movie trivia: the steps outside are in the opening scene of Trainspotting where Renton and Spud are running from security guards. Blink and you’ll miss it.

This is the second pub called The Black Bull on our tour, the other one being in the Grassmarket. This one’s a Belhaven Pubs joint, so stable mates with The World’s End, The Advocate, Drouthy Neebors, The Albanach etc.

The Bar

The Black Bull, Leith Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Kegs only: Carling, Belhaven Best, Stella Artois, Tennent’s Lager, Budvar, Guinness, Blue Moon, Strongbow.

A Guinness, a Stella and a bottle of Punk IPA was about £10, so let’s say a nice round £3.50 per pint.




Aforementioned jukebox and pool table. Their website says there’s a “no football policy” for the TVs, they prefer rugby.

Castle View

Castle view from the Black Bull on Leith Street, EdinburghYou can only just see the castle. In the picture on the right, the castle is the grey blob above the 45 bus, hidden behind the Balmoral hotel and a street lamp.


Website: www.theblackbull-edinburgh.co.uk


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