#236: Sportsters, Market Street, Edinburgh

Sportsters, Market Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Another guest post from Iain, cheers dude.

OMG. Is that not what all the kids are saying these days? Well this is certainly where the kids would probably be hanging out. The place is huge and with about 8 punters in (including our group) there would be more atmosphere on the moon. However, I get the impression if you were to come back either when there was large sporting event or later on students nights or Friday/Saturday night, there would be far more ‘kids’ kicking about.

Sportsters, Market Street, Edinburgh (interior)

This pub backs on to the City nightclub and you can get access through this pub into the dance hall, so I would imagine many would head here for a drink before going for a ‘boogie’.

This bar is one of two in Scotland, the other being in Falkirk. There are loads of TV screens, so no problems if you want to watch your favourite sporting competition. The pub is generally on one level (although the toilets are down some stairs), with the bar located to the rear [I think there’s an upstairs for private hire. Dave]. There are plenty of seats and a large open area in front of the bar, presumably to stand and watch the large screen TV. All the beer taps are the modern style of chrome. I’m sure the pub has lively atmosphere when more people are in, but it just felt a bit tired, with a lot of the fixtures and fittings looking dated and worn.

The Bar

Sportsters, Market Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Kegs: John Smith, Guinness, Coors, Fosters, Tennent’s Lager, Blue Moon, Peroni, Carling, Strongbow.

The round was £9.80 for a lager shandy, a bottle of Samuel Adams and a bottle of Corona. So, probably something upwards of £3.26 per pint.


They do food but the kitchen was closing at the time we visited around 8pm. I believe it is the usual traditional cheap pub food (burgers, fish & chips).


As mentioned, loads of TVs but also a jukebox. Thursday is quiz night from 9pm. Friday is ‘Fajita Fridays’ with deals on fajita and live music from 6pm and a DJ from 10.30pm. There is also a private function room which you could book out.

Castle View



Website: edinburgh.sportsters.info
Facebook: Sportsters Edinburgh
Twitter: @SportstersEdin


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