#235: North Bridge Brasserie & Bar (a.k.a. Scotsman Hotel), North Bridge, Edinburgh

North Bridge Brasserie & Bar (a.k.a. Scotsman Hotel), North Bridge, Edinburgh (exterior)

Another guest post by Iain, cheers guv.

Wow, Tuesday evening in here was very relaxing, provided you forget about the price of the ale. The bar is split into two sections around a central bar. To the left is the bar area and to the right is the restaurant. When we initially walked in through the glass door, we were welcomed by a cacophony of timber panelling, marble columns and ornate plaster ceiling and cornice. At high level there is a timber balcony looking down over the entire bar/restaurant area. Once we had taken in the pleasant environment and decided to get ourselves a drink, we were greeted by very cheerful and helpful member of the bar staff. There were not very many (only three) choices of the beers on tap and all from the same brewery, but all three of them were quality.

Sitting back drinking the ale, we noticed there was no music being played or TVs, but with this in conjunction with the wood throughout the bar it gave a nice tranquil library atmosphere.

The Bar

North Bridge Brasserie & Bar (a.k.a. Scotsman Hotel), North Bridge, Edinburgh

Keg: Black Isle Porter (£4.80), Black Isle Red Kite (£4.60), Black Isle Blonde (£4.50). Bottles: Corona (£3.75), Modelo (£3.95), Cobra (£3.75), Peroni (£3.95), Fursty Ferret (£4.80).

A number of whiskeys range in price from £4-£13. As well as the usual wine options, you can order yourself a number of cocktails from about £8.

Average price of a pint: £4.63.


We didn’t even look at the food, as you had to go through the restaurant area to order this. However, I understand the head chef has three AA rosettes and the food is meant to very good, but is not cheapest in the city. More details on the food available can be found on the website below.


There are amenities as you would expect for this ‘posh’ venue and the amenities do not let you down. The toilet is really comfortable and you could easily spend some time there. It is also very clean and you come out feeling refreshed!!

Castle View



Website: www.northbridgebrasserie.com


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