#234: The Royal McGregor, High Street, Edinburgh

The Royal McGregor, High Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Another guest post by Iain, cheers guv.

There was some doubt about heading to these premises, as we where not sure if it was a bar or a restaurant. The decision was that it was a bit of both, you can sit in for some good food or relax with a beer/whisky.

Although located in a very busy tourist area of Edinburgh, the McGregor had a relaxed atmosphere about it and the staff were friendly and attentive. It is a long narrow pub with the bar on the right hand side and tables at the front, on the left opposite the bar and at the raised area to the back. There was a muted TV above the bar, showing the news, and music playing from the speakers (Bryan Adams was noted at one point) but it was not too loud to disturb the conversation. The bar did have the welcoming sight of hooks to it.

The Bar

The Royal McGregor, High Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Cask: Kelburn Keltic and Red Smiddy, 1 tap off. Keg: Heverlee, Tennent’s Lager, Guinness, Williams Joker IPA.

There was a beer flight available where you can have smaller glasses of beer so you can taste the different beers they have on tap. I thought this was a nice touch and would certainly be popular to tourists who are not such beer connoisseurs as us on this tour!! Note, there were also whisky flights and these had a large selection of options as there are over 50 whiskies available.

Pints were £3.65 a pop, very reasonable for the Royal Mile.


The menu was varied with a mixture of the usual Scottish fare (haggis, cullen skink, salmon), traditional pub food (burgers, fish & chips) or something slightly different (mussels, pork belly). The price is not the cheapest we are going to find on this tour but given its location, it was pretty decent.


I understand that although there is only one TV and the viewing is not the best, it will show the major sporting events on it.

Castle View



Website: www.royalmcgregor.co.uk
Twitter: @RoyalMcGregor
Facebook: Royal McGregor


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