#233: World’s End, High Street, Edinburgh

World's End, High Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Guest post by Iain “The Legend” M.

I have been in this bar a couple of times, on a busy Saturday night, but only ever ventured around the bar area. There has always been a warm friendly vibe about it and I thought it was much larger than it felt on the Tuesday night we visited. The place is split into two, the general area around the bar and another, where there are tables and chairs and a small kitchen. The bar, which is situated at one end of the pub, is a good old fashioned decorative timber bar.

The pub was busy with a steady flow of tourists coming in, as it is situated on the tourist trap that is The Royal Mile. A few tourists even left as they could not get a table for some food.

World's End, High Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

The pub’s own website advises how this pub got it’s name. “Back in the 16th century Edinburgh was a walled city. The gates to the city were situated outside the pub, and [today] the brass cobbles in the road represent their exact location. As far as the people of Edinburgh were concerned, the world outside these gates was no longer theirs: hence the name, The World’s End.”

If you like the pub a lot you can purchase you own ‘World’s End’ printed t-shirts from the bar.

The Bar

It’s a Belhaven run pub and obviously the beers on the taps reflect this.

Cask: Belhaven IPA, Belhaven Black, Belhaven St Andrews Ale, World’s End (house beer). Keg: Tennent’s Lager, Strongbow, Guinness, Stella Artois, Carling, Peroni.

The round was £7.30 for 2 pints of Belhaven Black, so about £3.65 a pint.


The World’s End serves the usual pub food; soup (about £5), various burgers, fish & chips, salads and steak pie (all around £10). No nachos. No Cornettos.

Castle View



Website: www.worldsend-edinburgh.co.uk
Facebook: The World’s End (not updated since April 2012)
Twitter: @WorldsEndBar (not updated since March 2012)
Parent: Belhaven Pubs
Grandparent: Greene King


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