#226: Boteco Do Brasil, Lothian Street, Edinburgh

Boteco Do Brasil, Lothian Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

What used to be Negociants when I were a lad is now this Brazilian theme bar. It’s been here since at least the start of the year, in time to work up a loyal fan base before World Cup 2014 fever kicked in. The walls are colourful, with a big mural, Brasil-themed photos here and there, palm trees (plastic/real?), a huge Brasil flag behind the bar, several TVs and a big screen showing football, and football lampshades. I bet they don’t have hooks at the bar in Brasil though. Big windows look out onto the patio, a large cordoned off section of pavement. There’s a larger dancefloor in the basement apparently, but it was closed on this visit. I assume that’s what used to be Medina back in The Good Old Days.

It was quiet, something like 7pm on a Tuesday at the end of April, so well before the World Cup. There were two quite intense-looking guys playing chess, a few students, and a couple of guys at the bar watching the football. The waiter was very friendly, he might have even been Brazilian, though he could have been Portuguese or Spanish for all I know. We were greeted with latin jazzy vibes to begin with (or, if you’re Westy, “wild and frantic, unpredictable music”), but that soon stopped once the footy came on.

I hope this sticks around after the World Cup, it’s got a nice down-to-earth feel about it, and the food is unique in the city centre as far as I know.

The Bar

Boteco Do Brasil, Lothian Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Kegs: Brahma, Amstel, Heineken, Guinness, Hoegaarden, Strongbow.

All cocktails £3.50 Sunday to Wednesday, normally £7.

We all plumped for the “beer of the week”, bottles of Peroni (original, not Nastro Azzuro) at a mere £2. I’m not sure how much pints were, but likely well under £4.


We ate here on this visit and the food was refreshingly different. They’ve got some familiar stuff like burgers, but we all went for the Brazilian fayre. Big portions of Brazilian stews, mixed grills, seafood, etc. I don’t remember prices, but the website says “from £8” for burgers and mains. There’s tapas stuff too, from £3.50.


I thought it’d all be football, but they’ve got open mic nights and salsa classes too. Club nights at the weekend.

Castle View



Website: www.botecodobrasil.com
Twitter: @botecodobrasil
Facebook: Boteco Do Brasil Edinburgh


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