#218: Treacle, Broughton Street, Edinburgh

Treacle, Broughton Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Treacle is a dark and trendy bar with exosed stone walls, some big sofas, comfy leather armchairs that swallow you up, loads of pillows and sheepskin throws. Don’t go thinking it’s all about lounging, there are more dining-friendly arrangements on a raised level where there’s also a massive manga-esque mural all along the wall.

When we first arrived at around 7:45 (Tuesday as usual) it was prett busy, we couldn’t get a table for 6. Since we were after food, we went elsewhere. On our return about an hour later it was much quieter. There was a broad mix of age-groups though everybody seemed well presented. The mood was relaxed, despite the 90s rap like Tupac on the stereo. The TV was showing old cartoons, Visionaries, Knights of the Magic Light we figured.

It’s part of the Big Red Teapot group of bars which also includes The Blackbird near Bruntsfield and Hamilton’s in Stockbridge.

The Bar

Treacle, Broughton Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Kegs: Hoegaarden, Estrella Damm, Innis and Gunn lager, Guinness, Staropramen, Red Stripe, Tennent’s Lager, Caledonia Best. Bottles: various Brooklyn, various Anchor, Duvel, La Chouffe, Vedette.

There’s a large cocktail menu with prices from £7 to £11, but mostly £7.50ish.

None of us had draft beer, so I’ve only got bottle prices to go on, and they were expensive, e.g. £4.50 for a bottle of Anchor. Somehow or other it was near enough £28 for 2 bottled beers, their “cheapest tequila” straight, a rum and coke and a zombie. Since the zombie was £10, that means the rest were about £4.50 each. That’s pricey.


Burgers, pies, noodles, sandwiches, mostly under £10. You should probably book if you’re really keen.

Castle View

No chance.


Website: www.treacleedinburgh.co.uk
Twitter: @TreacleEdin
Parent: Big Red Teapot


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