#217: Bangkok Bar, Broughton Street, Edinburgh

Bangkok Bar, Broughton Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Bangkok Bar could give the Half Way House a run for its money in the title for the smallest bar in Edinburgh*. There’s only room for some stools at the bar and a handful of tables for two. Ok, it’s cheating in that it’s part of the Port of Siam restaurant, but it could operate independently, minus the tapas menu, and has its own door onto the street. It’s quite modern, with coloured under-counter lighting, spot-lights and a huge painted mural on one wall.

There were a few folk at the bar when we got there, spread out enough to make it awkward for a group of six to get seats anywhere near each other. We were ushered through to the restaurant instead.

* I’m ignoring the tourist trap that is the Wee Pub, it doesn’t count in my book.

The Bar

Bangkok Bar, Broughton Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

This is possibly the worst photo on the whole blog! I’ll try and get a better one.

Two kegs: San Miguel and Carlsberg Export. Bottles of Singha or Peroni.

There was a reasonable selection of cocktails from £6 to £8.

£3.90 per pint.


We wanted to get food here in the bar, but there were no tables big enough for 6, so we ended up in the restaurant. The bar food is essentially tapas versions of a selection of their restaurant menu, and a bit cheaper. Thai “street food” all under £10, e.g. Pad Thai at £7.75, green curry at £8.50.

Castle View



Web page: www.portofsiam.com/bangkok-bar.html
Facebook: Port of Siam
Twittter: @PortOfSiam


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