#214: The Street, Picardy Place, Edinburgh

The Street, Picardy Place, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Street is on a busy corner at the top of Broughton Street, overlooking the abrupt end-of-the-line for the Edinburgh trams. It’s relatively modern and understated inside, apart from the large disco ball. The huge windows let in loads of light. There’s more to see downstairs, though we didn’t look, assuming it was closed at this early hour (530pm). At the weekends they host a nightclub down there.

It was reasonably busy for a Tuesday night. Most of the tables outside on the street were taken, but we chose to stay indoors*. The sun was out and streaming in the windows, the street outside was busy, funky beats on the stereo and the distant “ding ding” of the occasional tram (being test-driven) soothed our ears. It seemed positively continental, I quite liked it. If only I wasn’t such a snob about beer…

* One of the many rules of the tour is that if you see a tram, you have to take a drink, so we found a seat with no line-of-sight to the trams outside. Otherwise we’d have been finished very quickly.

The Bar

The Street, Picardy Place, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Guinness, John Smith’s, Caledonian Three Hop, Hoegaarden, Fosters, Kronenbourg 1664, Heineken, Symonds cider.

The round was £9.80 for 2.5 pints, so about £3.92 per pint.


Man-sized nachos with chilli £8.25 and, according to their own menu, “simply the best in town”. We’ll have to send Russ back there to check them out one day. The mains are all fairly simple but sound good, and are reasonably priced, around £6 to £8.


Club downstairs. They explicitly do not have a quiz night, it is apparently a “gameshow” instead. Sounds like it could be fun just for the novelty at least.

Castle View

Not a chance.


Website: www.thestreetbaredinburgh.co.uk
Facebook: The Street


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