#213: Mother’s, Howe Street, Edinburgh

Mother's, Howe Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Mother’s is the reincarnation of what was The Standard. It’s full title is Mother’s Original Gin & Draft Bar, and it’s been open since around February. A lot has changed, like the colour scheme, new flooring, new furniture and no more sporting memorabilia or Doric columns. The layout’s the same, some of the cornicey bits are the same, the bar is almost the same, but for a paint job. They’ve kept some of the strange cylindrical lighting fixtures but shoved them on the wall instead of the ceiling. The big TV is still there, still showing sport.

From the pictures on their website and Facebook, the downstairs looks quite lush and cosy. One of us went down to have a peek but was more or less told off by bar staff as it was closed.

It was fairly quiet, and by now you’re tired of my usual excuse that this is normal on a Tuesday night, except for tourist hot-spots. Well, tough, that’s what I’m sticking to. The punters on this occasion were mostly youngish 20- or 30-somethings, half a dozen of them maybe. That makes a big place like this seem pretty quiet. Music was tasteful almost-dance stuff like Mylo etc. The sport on the large TVs was distracting and didn’t really add anything to a “gin bar”. I’d get rid of them or stick on old black and white movies or something.

The Bar

Mother's, Howe Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

One cask tap, this time with Addlestone cider. I don’t know if that’s a permanent fixture or a guest tap. Kegs: Caledonian Three Hop, Amstel, Guinness, Tennent’s Lager, Heineken, Staropramen, San Miguel, Caledonia Best, Brooklyn Lager.

Being a gin joint, they’ve got quite a lot of gin, something like 40 different varieties.

The round was somewhere between £9 and £10 for 2.5 pints, so between £3.60 and £4 a pint.


There’s a full menu, but their website’s not finished so I can’t cheat and look it up online.


Downstairs is available for private functions. Occasional live music and regular sport on the TVs.

Castle View

Possibly just. We weren’t sure last time when we were here in its former incarnation, and nobody thought to look this time either. It’ll be a binoculars job if anything.


Website: www.mothersedinburgh.co.uk
Facebook: Mother’s
Twitter: @Mothersbar1

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