#211: Magnum, Albany Street, Edinburgh

Magnum, Albany Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Magnum is an upmarket pub with an even more upmarket restaurant. It’s quite large, but dimly lit, and the grey-brown walls don’t help to brighten things up. The only splash of colour really is around the cornice, painted dark red with the words of some unknown poem about whisky in gold. The floor is wooden throughout, the walls adorned with a modest selection of photos, drawings, maps of Edinburgh, and some champagne bottles of varying sizes here and there. The oddest thing is what appear to be a set of extremely old skis above one door, essentially just two planks of wood with bits of string attached.

Unlike the two previous bars on the night, this one was relatively busy. There were several small groups of people in the bar area, mostly very well dressed and one guy in full Barbour jacket and country wear. I didn’t feel out of place though, and the bar and waiting staff were friendly and accomodating. The music, although good, seemed a bit out of place, with Curtis Mayfield, James Brown and other soul and funk tunes. This only goes to prove that I am prejudiced. What did I expect, Vivaldi?

The Bar

Sorry for the lack of photo, I’ll try and sort that out soon.

Just one cask, Stewart’s Copper Cascade. Kegs: Tennent’s Lager, Guinness, Peroni, West St. Mungo, Kozel, Belhaven Best, Aspall cider.

Our round was £17.50 for 4.5 pints, so around £3.89 per pint.


When we walked in it smelled bloody amazing! It’s too long ago to remember the details, but I think it might have been a waft of Cullen Skink. The food from the bar menu is a bit expensive, with both the burger and fish and chips being £12 each. However, the verdict was that the burger was almost worth the money, very tasty (the £14 version with blue cheese and bacon added). Westy’s logic was that if it’s already £12, what’s the point in holding back, just pile on the extras. Perhaps Russ or Westy could leave a comment with some clarification below.

If the bar menu’s not enough for you, the restaurant menu has more choice, albeit at an even higher premium, in the £16 to £25 range.


Amy said that it’s good they’ve got baby changing facilities, but they must have been built for giants, as the changing surface is way too high.

Castle View



Website: www.themagnum.webeden.co.uk
Facebook: The Magnum Bar and Restaurant
Twitter: @MagnumBar_Rest


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