#200: Jeremiah’s Taproom, Elm Row, Edinburgh

Jeremiah's Taproom, Elm Row, Edinburgh (exterior)

I was just about to write that Jeremiah’s Taproom is a new bar, but I’m surprised to realise that it’s almost a year old already. In fact it opened on the same night we started this tour at the end of July last year. It went in in place of the Elm Bar, and has had a full gentrification overhaul.

There’s a nice wooden-topped central bar, very trendy lighting (so many dimly lit bulbs!), neutral colours, leather benches, some exposed stone/brick walls and hints of traditional pub with the wainscotting and arched doorways, though perhaps that’s all new.

It was a little quiet, not that that’s abnormal for a Tuesday at 6pm-ish. Punters were mostly in their 30s at a guess. There were plenty of empty tables to choose from. The staff seemed friendly enough.

The Bar

Jeremiah's Taproom, Elm Row, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Guest cask: Williams Brothers Joker IPA, Black Hill 70 Fathom, Caledonian Deuchars. Guest keg: Williams Brothers Black Ball Stout and Caesar Augustus, Thornbridge Kill Your Darlings, Stewart’s Solas and Cascadian East. Other kegs: Blue Moon, Tennent’s, Amstel, Heineken, Belhaven Best, Symonds cider, Rekorderlig cider.

A nice lineup with some great beers on, but our round of 2 Solas, 1 Joker and half Cascadian East was £15.60, so quite steep at about £4.46 a pint. The average of all the beers on the board was a bit lower, but still over £4. I really enjoyed my Cascadian East though, magic.


The food smelled good as soon as we walked in the door. Unfortunately I didn’t write much down, expecting such a fancy hip pub to have their menu online. All I’ve got is a receipt for three burgers, “Nacho Burger”, “Ranch Burger” and “Woolfpack Burger”, all around £10. I seem to remember they were pretty good.


Live music, the occasional “meet the brewer” or new beer launch. There was a shelf with a few board games through the back too. Tables and chairs out on the pavement.

Castle View



Twitter: @JeremiahTap
Facebook: Jeremiah’s Taproom


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