#198: Rascals, South Bridge, Edinburgh

Rascals, South Bridge, Edinburgh (exterior)

Rascals is fairly new, taking the up the spot that used to be Aspen on the corner of South Bridge and Drummond Place. It’s all very modern and bright, slightly diner-ish, nice big windows, exposed brick behind the distinctive red bar, wooden (effect?) floor and Ikea-esque tables and chairs. One mildly annoying feature was the small screen built into the wall at our table showing rotating adverts, I think for their loyalty card and special offers.

As usual, this was a Tuesday night visit. When we first showed up at maybe 7pm it was quite busy, too busy for us to be bothered waiting for a table, so we went elsewhere. When we came back at around 9 it was almost empty. I don’t know if the kitchen had closed by that point. Music-wise it wasn’t to my taste, some 90s dance or other but, like the wee screen, I soon forgot about it. The staff were friendly and chatty.

The Bar

Rascals, South Bridge, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

All kegs: Tennent’s Lager, Estrella Damm, Rascals Lager, St Mungo, Innis & Gunn Lager, Caledonia Best, Guinness, Magners.

Although they had a house lager when we visited (made by Tennents), it’s no longer available, apparently.

Once again, I forgot to take notes on the price of the round. I doubt it’s expensive. Here’s some recent evidence of a mere £2.25 for apint of Guinness.


As I mentioned previously, we tried to get food here at around 7 but it was too busy. By the time we came back a few hours later it was empty, but we didn’t need food by then. There’s no shortage of people on Twitter raving about their burgers and wings. I have to admit being lazy and not writing down any prices, expecting them to have a website I could cheat with. The twitterings about the burgers are maybe enough to make me want to go back once the tour’s over.

Castle View



Twitter: @RascalsEdi
Facebook: Rascals Edinburgh


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