#192: Jeanie Deans Tryste, St Leonard’s Hill, Edinburgh

Jeanie Deans Tryste, St Leonard's Hill, Edinburgh (exterior)

Update, December 2015: under new management, re-opening in the new year.

Jeanie Deans Tryste is a small locals’ bar at the foot of Salisbury Crags, tucked away down a residential side street, in behind St Leonard’s Police Station. It’s fairly old-school, with brown and cream walls, redish lino floors, old Edinburgh photos and mirrors, a dart board and green leather benches. The only thing that seemed out of place was the super-modern jukebox, one of the ones that can access almost any tune from the internet.

There were a few regulars in, all sitting at the bar, except for one really old fella, maybe in his 90s, who sat in what was obviously his chair, the only actual armchair in the pub. He sat and drank his nip and a half, special offer for pensioners at £2.75. The other guys talked to each other across the bar, one of them surprisingly well spoken, but a bit tipsy. The youngest was early 40s, the rest in their 50s maybe. A small but very happy dog was briskly scurrying around looking for dropped food, and pestering the bar staff for treats.

Jeanie Deans is a fictional character from Sir Walter Scott’s novel The Heart of Midlothian. Various pubs, ships and trains have been named after her, but this pub’s at least close to where parts of the story took place.

The Bar

Jeanie Deans Tryste, St Leonard's Hill, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Kegs only: Tennent’s Lager and Ember, Caledonia Best, McEwans, Guinness.

There were 2 cask pumps, but nothing on. I read recently in the local Pints Of View that they no longer serve cask beers.

I’ve got no record of price of round, but it was cheap, likely under £3.


Various hot snacks like pies, sausage rolls, soup, lasagne. Prices start at £3.50 for “pie and a pint” up to £4.80 for “lasagne and a pint”. Sounds good to me!


Darts, jukebox, puggy, fireplace.

Castle View



Facebook: Jeanie Deans Tryste


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