#187: Argyle Bar (and The Cellar Monkey), Argyle Place, Edinburgh

Argyle Bar (and The Cellar Monkey), Argyle Place, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Cellar Monkey, Argyle Place, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Argyle Bar makes a decent stab at attempting to please a wider audience by making the upstairs a traditional pub, with downstairs aimed squarely at the local student population. Some of the lads on the tour wanted to treat them as separate pubs, but several mean I’m counting both bars as the same pub. Exibit A: you can reach one bar from the other without leaving the premises; Exhibit B: we were served by the same lady that served us upstairs; Exhibit C: she had to go upstairs to get Gav’s cup of tea. Case closed.

The Cellar Monkey, Argyle Place, Edinburgh (interior, bar, downstairs)

Upstairs has a traditional paint scheme of reds, browns and cream, wooden floors, old pictures on the wall, mismatched furniture including a few armchairs and sofas. Downstairs is fairly straightforward, doesn’t feel like a traditional pub, but neither does it feel like a student union. It’s a little brighter than upstairs, lower ceilings and has more monkeys.

Neither bar was very busy. For a Tuesday evening this is quite normal. Upstairs there were two older gents at the bar, and a young couple over by the door. The Strokes were on the stereo, quite apt for me since it reminds me of when I lived round the corner back in 2000 or so. Atypical stuff on telly, stupid “Storage Wars” and Grand Designs. Downstairs was almost empty too, bar a table of early 20s.

The Bar

Argyle Bar, Argyle Place, Edinburgh (interior, bar, upstairs)

Stewart’s IPA, Allendale Red Squirrel, Caledonian Golden XPA.
Heverlee, Tennent’s Lager, Guinness, Weihanstephan, Furstenberg, Caledonia Best, Addlestone cider.

It was £10.20 for 2.5 pints and a coke, so upwards of £3.30 a pint, assuming a coke was £2.

There was a small selection of classic cocktails, all £4 or £5.


Nachos at the Argyle Bar, Edinburgh

Plenty to choose from, and some decent nachos (Russ will have to go back for official adjudication), large portion, eccentricly served in a grill pan, all for £6.50. Burgers were good too. Just about everything was between £6 and £7, the exception being a couple of lighter things like panini and “tostada pizza” that were under a fiver, and “The King Kong” burger, a double pattie affair, still under a tenner. Burgers are even cheaper Sunday to Wednesday with a two for £10 offer.


Live music, pub quiz.

Castle View



Surprisingly little considering half the pub is aimed at students. All I could find was this old, stale Facebook page.

Facebook: The Cellar Monkey


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  1. “Stupid” storage wars? I thought Doug explained it to you in Geordies? Did you not understand? It’s genius TV!!!

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