#185: Cameo Bar, Lochrin Place, Edinburgh

Cameo Bar, Lochrin Place, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Cameo’s main business its 3-screen cinema, but the bar is accessable directly from the street without going through the cinema foyer, thus meeting our criteria of something that should be ticked off on the tour.

Cameo Bar, Lochrin Place, Edinburgh (interior)It’s a small bar/cafe with an assortment of tables, chairs, couches and stools. The walls are covered in photos of cinema greats, screen props, posters and memorabilia. It’s a nice bar on its own without the cinema.

Punters from the cinema can come in and grab a drink or food to take in to the pictures, or meet up for a drink before or after a film. If you sit here long enough it ebbs and flows, from extremely busy to really quite quiet.

The Bar

Cameo Bar, Lochrin Place, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

All big name kegs: Stella Artois, Stella Artois Black, Guinness, Becks Vier. Bottles from Williams Brothers, Anchor, Brooklyn, Rekorderlig and more.

Edit: Stellas and Becks have since been replaced by Williams Draught, Estrella Damm and Black Rat cider. Cheers to the Cameo for the update.

My notes tell me it was around £7 for 3 Stellas and a coke, but that seems ridiculously cheap. I used my cinema membership card to get us a 10% discount, but it still doesn’t seem right. Even with discount I would normally have said it’s easily over £3 a pint.


They’ve got some hot snacks, stromboli, slices of pizza, pies, all under £5. There’s also various cakes, teas, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.


The cinema’s one of the best in town for less mainstream films, and the recent refit has brought some of the comfiest seating in my cinema-going experience.

There are also some games in the bar including buckaroo and jenga. Their website mentions “regular events […] from time to time” with quizzes, acoustic music, whisky tastings etc.

Castle View

You can see the castle from outside the main cinema door on Home Street, but not from the bar or the door to the street from the bar, so that’s a no.


Web page: Cameo Edinburgh Food & Drink
Twitter: CameoCinema


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