#181: Timberyard, Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh

Timberyard, Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

We weren’t really sure whether to count this, it’s really a restaurant, but now we’ve done it, here you go. They were happy to let us just have drinks, so maybe that’s enough to make it count. Their website says that the restaurant is open from 12-130pm and 530-930pm, but that “our bar and yard are open throughout the day, you are more than welcome to pop in at any time for a drink”. I think it counts.

Previously an actual timber yard, the interior is interesting, quite rustic in a mostly authentic way. It could make a cracking pub! There’s an outside courtyard bit and a wee “outhouse” for private dining. Although currently all the tables are on the main floor, there’s a basement and an upper floor too. It’s a huge space, and quite unexpected from the entrance on the street.

To be honest I felt a little uncomfortable, it’s quite a posh (certainly expensive) restaurant. The staff were nice, courteous and didn’t bat an eyelid, but I felt quite self-conscious. Other guests were smartly dressed and well groomed.

The Bar

Timberyard, Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

I suspect these are all kegs, but a nice selection: Kernel IPA, Williams Caesar Augustus, Alechemy Rye o Rye, Redchurch Old Ford Export Stout.

The average price of a pint was an eye-watering £6.50! I think that’s a new record. Really tasty, exquisitely made beer, but wow, that’s crazy talk. If it’s similar beers you’re after you’d be better off heading to the Hanging Bat.

Cocktails were around £10.


Venison at Timberyard

The food smelled flippin’ amazing and looked good, but was way out of my comfort zone price-wise. Gav was really hungry so went for one of the cheapest things on the menu. He said it was delicious but at £20 for a small plate of (perfectly cooked) venison and roasted veg, I’d bloody well hope so! The rest of us stole some of his freshly baked bread (they gave him an entire loaf), and it was lovely. I wish I wasn’t such a tight git.

Castle View

Timberyard, Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh (castle view)

Yes, standing out on Lady Lawson Street, you can just see a turret peeking out from behind the 60s concrete monstrosity across the road.


Website: www.timberyard.co
Twitter: @timberyard10
Facebook: Timberyard


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