#180: Monboddo, Bread Street, Edinburgh

Monboddo, Bread Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Another hotel bar that fell within the rules of our tour. It has to have its own name and its own door onto the street to count. The hotel next door is the Point Hotel / DoubleTree / Hilton, I lose track, the daft double/triple branding just confuses me.

Anyway, the bar feels a bit like an executive lounge at an airport, or a posh continental hotel lobby. Lots of crisp lines, mood lighting, neutral shades with splashes of colour.

It was very quiet, just us for a while, and a couple of business folk showed up later. The barman was very polite, food was good if a wee bit slow (though apparently that was down to the burgers, so possibly freshly made), but beer selection was quite dull.

The music was a funny mix of Buena Vista Social Club, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Don McLean, Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, etc.

The Bar

Monboddo, Bread Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

All kegs: Gaymers apple, Becks Vier, Guinness, Tennent’s Lager, Tennent’s Ember. I think I maybe missed a couple. I haven’t seen Tennent’s Ember in years, I thought that had been discontinued.

Cocktails from £6.50 to £10.

Round was £7.70 for 2 pints of Ember, so £3.85 a pint.


Haggis Nachos at Monboddo

Pretty decent haggis nachos (thumbs up from Nacho expert Russ) and the burger was good too. I can’t remember the prices, but both were under £10. The menu’s fairly limited, but the portions were good and the price reasonable.


There’s another bar on the roof of the attached hotel called the Sky Bar. It must have an excellent view of the castle, but it’s only open on the first Thursday of every month. Surely they’d be better off using the space for bedrooms if they can leave it empty 97% of the time.

Monboddo, Bread Street, Edinburgh (interior, castle view)

Castle View

Another hokey-cokey (inside and outside view of the castle), virtually identical view to the Chanter next door.


Web page: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Edinburgh City Centre, Dining
Twitter: @Monboddo1
Facebook: Monboddo


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