#178: The Jinglin’ Geordie, Fleshmarket Close, Edinburgh

The Jinglin' Geordie, Fleshmarket Close, Edinburgh (exterior)

Geordie’s is a slightly old-fashioned pub, hidden down a narrow close near Waverley Station, above The Halfway House. The exterior isn’t all that inviting with its small, frosted windows, but don’t be put off. We got a warm welcome from the bar lady and the inside was bigger than expected. In the front lounge-ish area there’s a real fire, comfy leather seats, a grandfather clock and some stained glass windows.

Atmosphere-wise it was quiet (9-10pm Tuesday). There seemed to be a staff get-together at one end of the bar, and two guys each sitting on their own reading in the front lounge area. I’ve been in on a Friday night and it was rammed, barely any room to move. On this visit the stereo was churning out staff-picked tunes from a computer behind the bar, some good, some not so much: Vanilla Ice, Oasis, The Corries, The Proclaimers, The Clash. There are three TVs, on this occasion showing footy, news and vacuous, manufactured “reality” drivel (Storage Hunters).

“Jinglin’ Geordie” was a nickname of George Heriot, the jingling alluding to the sound of the coins in his pocket. He died a very rich man in 1624 and left a large sum of money to establish a hospital for the free education of fatherless children. It still remains, a very prominent building on Lauriston Place, George Heriot’s School.

It’s a sister pub to the Antiquary.

The Bar

The Jinglin' Geordie, Fleshmarket Close, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Cask: Broughton Proper IPA, Caledonian Deuchars, 1 off. Kegs: Belhaven Best, Guinness, Tennent’s Lager, Carling, Peroni, Strongbow.

I tried ordering a cup of tea, part of a two week booze hiatus after our February blowout the previous weekend. Unfortunately, this caught the bar lady off guard, it’s obviously not something anyone orders very often. In the end she gave up looking for the tea bags and I had a coke instead.

Two cokes and half a Broughton was £4.65. Useful, eh? I’d be very surprised if the beers were anywhere near £4 a pint, probably more like £3.50.


I didn’t notice anything, their website says “a small range of hot snacks”, I’m guessing (dreaming?) toasties and pies.


There’s a small smoking area out the back with a few tables and chairs. The website mentions that it’s available for hire, plus open mic nights and karaoke.

Castle View



Website: www.jinglingeordie.co.uk
Twitter: @JinglinGeordies (last tweet Jan 2012!)
Facebook: The Jinglin’ Geordie (even more out of date, 2011!)


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