#177: The Advocate, Hunter Square, Edinburgh

The Advocate, Hunter Square, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Advocate is a reasonable pub with real ales, with just a hint of Belhaven cut-and-paste styling about it, a little clinical in its execution of “authentic pub”. That at least means it’s clean and well presented. The photo of the bar below is a bit crap, the full size of the place being around two to three times the size. There are lots of tables and plenty of seating.

This visit was on a Tuesday night, as usual, somewhere around 8 to 9pm. It was relatively busy but we had no problem getting a table. The clientèle were a mixed bunch, but mostly 30s and up with a fair proportion being tourists and/or business types I suspect.

It’s one of 7 Belhaven Pubs within a mile of the castle, the others being Drouthy Neebors, Pivo, The Black Bull (Leith Street), The World’s End, The Albanach, and The White Hart. There are around 90 Behlaven-branded pubs in Scotland, with an unknown number of unbranded ones that are leased out by Green King, Belhaven’s parent.

The Bar

The Advocate, Hunter Square, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

There were 4 cask taps, but only 1 in action on this occasion, Belhaven St. Andrew’s Ale. Kegs were Peroni, Stella, Staropramen, Carling, Tennent’s Lager, Belhaven Best, Guinness, Strongbow.

More crappy notes, “Coffee, coke and 1.5 pints for £8.80”, so price of a pint is a bit of a guessing game. Here’s my rough thinking: £2 for a coffee, £1.50 for a coke, meaning a pint’s easily under £3.50.


A fairly large menu with about a dozen burgers from £7 to £9.50, mains from about £6 to £9, fish and chips £8.30, hot dogs, nachos, etc. We ate here once a long time ago just after it changed to a Belhaven outfit, and it wasn’t bad. I seem to remember the nachos were above average but not prize-winning (according to our resident expert).


Live music on Friday nights, quiz night Sunday from 9pm. There were three TVs showing winter olympics, football and news.

Castle View



Website: www.theadvocate-edinburgh.co.uk
Parent: Belhaven Pubs
Grandparent: Greene King


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