#173: Espionage, Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Espionage, Victoria Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Espionage is a huge place spread over 5 floors. On the top floor on Victoria street is a bar that’s open throughout the week, with the other 4 floors only opening at weekends. The top three floors are bars and the bottom two are where all the dancing action happens. It’s been a very long time since any of us paid the place a visit, but we used to go a lot in our 20s. It now just makes us feel old.

It’s worth noting that at the end of the night (we were there ’til closing time, circa 3am), I realised I’d lost my bag. On mentioning this to the bar staff, they phoned round all the floors to see if any bags had been turned in. It was nice to see them deal professionally with a stupid drunk guy at the end of a very busy Saturday night.

This was the last of 19 pubs on our random February blowout. We were only aiming for 8 but got very carried away. Quality has been deteriorating due to lack of notes and hazy memory. I’m not proud of the achievement, it was stupid.

The Bar

Espionage, Victoria Street, Edinburgh (interior, upstairs bar)

This picture’s from the top floor on Victoria Street. Some day I’ll go back and get a photo of the bar on each floor, but don’t hold your breath.

All kegs: Guinness, Fosters, Amstel, Heineken and Strongbow. There are possibly more, I don’t trust my notes. I was on the whisky by this point.

I have a receipt for £13.05, but I’m not sure what I got for that. There were only 3 of us left, so if we each got one drink, that’s £4.35 a pop.


Nothing, as far as I know.


According to their website there’s regular live music, open mic night and karaoke during the week. Function room hire too, pick your favourite floor, or even all of them. Apparently they can accomodate parties of up to 900!

Castle View



Website: espionage007.co.uk/edinburgh
Facebook: Espionage
Twitter: @Espionage_007


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