#171: Oz Bar, Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh

Oz Bar, Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh (exterior)

The Oz Bar has outlasted most of the other attempts at an Australian theme bar in Edinburgh over the years. Inside the bar is done up like an old outback shed, complete with corrugated iron awning and ramshackle woodenness. Behind the bar are various Australian curios, postcards of scantily clad beach beauties and Ozzy Rules football tops. The rest of the pub is more straight-forward, but with other memorabilia mostly confined to the ceiling.

This was pub 17 of 19 on our random February blowout. We were only aiming for 8 but got very carried away. Quality is dropping. I’m not proud of the achievement, it was stupid.

The Bar

Oz Bar, Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Carlsberg, Belhaven Best, Staropramen, Guinness and Somersby Cider. I’m glad there was no Fosters, seeing as it isn’t really Australian, but I thought there’d be something Ozzyish on tap.

The bottles are more interesting if only for the novelty, with various Ozzy imports from Coopers, Little Creatures, Crown, Tooheys, James Boag’s and, of course, Victoria Bitter (a.k.a. VB).

Once again, no record of the price of our round.


Various Australian confectioneries are available, and they wheel out Vili’s Meat Pies on special occasions. I used to nip in here years ago to get Tim Tams before they became widely available in the UK.


Two pool tables.

Castle View

Castle view from Oz Bar

Yes, one of the nicest views of the tour so far actually, from inside and outside.


Website: www.theozbaredinburgh.co.uk

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