#170: Opium, Cowgate, Edinburgh

Opium, Cowgate, Edinburgh (exterior)

We skipped Sneaky Pete’s since there was a charge at the door (one of our many rules), and ended up in Opium. I’ve not been in here since it used to be called “Legends”, over 10 years ago. It’s quite different internally, but it still operates on the premise of being a “rock” club.

It was busy on this Saturday night, about 1130pm, with quite a variation amongst the patrons. Most of them were in their early twenties but not many folk looked particularly rocky, just regular punters. I was expecting more stereotypical rockers.

This was pub 16 of 19 on our random February blowout. We were only aiming for 8 but got very carried away. Quality is obviously suffering, sorry. I’m not proud of the achievement, it was stupid.

The Bar

Opium, Cowgate, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

An all keg affair, but I didn’t write them all down. All I’m sure of is Guinness and Fosters. However, I remember being surprised that my beer showed up in a tulip glass, so it might have been something like Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted, though that seems unlikely.

As for the price of the round, I’ve no idea, except to say its reputation suggests it would have been relatively cheap.


Dancefloor, loud music upstairs. There’s a sign in the window saying “live and acoustic music”.

Castle View



Website: www.opiumedinburgh.co.uk
Twitter (abandoned): @Opium_Rocks


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