#168: BrewDog, Cowgate, Edinburgh

BrewDog, Cowgate, Edinburgh (exterior)

People have strong opinions about BrewDog, myself included, and I might normally go off on a rant about them, but I don’t feel like going there today. They’ve got some great beers to offer (not all their own), I like the bar itself, but it’s quite pricey.

Anyway, the bar has a fairly industrial feel to it, steel beams, muckle big pipes, exposed brick and no-nonsense tables, benches and stools. It’s a relatively new building too, quite grim-looking actually. Entirely functional though, looks are not everything. It was busy, and there was quite a high percentage of beer geeks in, but also a good showing from the mere mortals too.

I’ve been in here before, but I’d have rather done this official visit with a bit less booze already in me so I could appreciate the beers. Despite my less than sober state, I could still tell the Peche Mortel from Dieu Du Ciel was flippin’ incredible. Stop reading this blog immediately and go and find some. You won’t be sorry for long.

This was pub 14 of 19 on our random February blowout. We were only aiming for 8 but got very carried away. Quality will suffer, sorry. I’m not proud of the achievement, it was stupid.

The Bar

BrewDog, Cowgate, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

It looked to me like an all-keg affair. BrewDog beers on the night: Brixton Porter, 5am Saint, Punk IPA, Pilsen Lager, IPA Is Dead, Hello My Name Is Sonja, BD Nottingham 01, Lumberjack Breakfast Stout. Guest beers: Tempest Long white cloud, Gigantic/Eliptic TicWitTic, Weihenstephaner Kristall, Deiu Du Ciel Peche Mortel.

Price is complicated because they have some very strong, very expensive beers on. If I just take a straight average of the house beers, scaling up where pricing is per 2/3, 1/2 etc, it’s an astonishing £6.63 per pint. Mind you, one beer is 15.2% and another 8.2%. I don’t know why I’m being so lenient, but I’ll put down for the record £4.10 per pint, based on the 3 relatively normal strength beers. Still pricey. The guest beers were even more expensive, like £4.50 for a half pint of Peche Mortel (worth every penny though).


They’ve got food but I have no notes and their web page has no mention. Things like chilli, pizzas, meat platters, etc. No idea about pricing either.


There’s an outside seating area, but not much of a view.

Castle View



Web page: www.brewdog.com/bars/edinburgh
Twitter: @BrewDogEdin
Facebook: BrewDog Bar Edinburgh


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