#167: Capital Bar, Cowgate, Edinburgh

Capital Bar, Cowgate, Edinburgh (exterior)

At 930pm on a Saturday this is definitely more club than bar, complete with very cheap booze, disco lights, crap beer and lots of dancing. There were all sorts of punters from young to old, but mostly in their twenties. It’s got very stylised decor, sweeping curves, booths and shiny bits. There’s a hint of pub to the downstairs though (we didn’t venture upstairs) with a wooden bar and some more wooden railings etc.

Capital Bar, Cowgate, Edinburgh (interior, bar) When we arrived here it was absolutely hoaching (see right), but about 10 minutes before we left it abrubtly cleared out (see below). It had us confused for a while, but we eventually figured out that everybody must have headed upstairs to the bigger dancefloor.

This was pub 13 of 19 on our random February blowout. We were only aiming for 8 but got very carried away. Quality will suffer, sorry. I’m not proud of the achievement, it was stupid.

The Bar

Capital Bar, Cowgate, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Nothing to write home about, all kegs of mass-produced crap: Guinness, Tennent’s Lager, Fosters, Stella Artois, Carling, Strongbow. I’m not sure that’s a complete list, but you get the picture.

Again, no record of prices on the night, but from facebook it seems very cheap. One Facebook post from January said Fosters was £1.90.


Large dancefloor upstairs, smaller one downstairs.

Castle View



Facebook: Capital Edinburgh
Twitter: @CapitalBarClub


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