#162: Bar Salsa, Cowgatehead, Edinburgh

Bar Salsa, Cowgatehead, Edinburgh (exterior)

Bar Salsa describes itself as “Edinburgh’s party bar”. On our Saturday evening visit, around 8pm, the party was already picking up steam, but not quite in full swing. It was busy but not rammed yet, and there was a really diverse mixture of people, old and young, trendy and not.

The inside is certainly unique. I think they’re trying to go for a tiki or beach shack affair. There’s a lot of roughly-hewn wood on the walls, the bar, almost everywhere, and the ceiling is covered with a huge red fabric canopy.

It’s a Bruce Group pub, sister pub to the likes of Whistlebinkies, The Fiddlers Arms, The Royal Mile Tavern, etc.

This was pub 8 of 19 on our random February blowout. It was meant to be our last, but in hindsight the shooters Doug and I had here (could you resist a shooter that tastes of a Crunchie?) were probably the start of the downward spiral. Stupid, stupid boys.

The Bar

Bar Salsa, Cowgatehead, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Keg beers: Guinness, Tennent’s Lager, Carlsberg, Magners, Briska and Caledonian Best.

It’s damned cheap. All pints are £2.50, all shots £1, shooters £2.50, cocktails £3.50, bottles (beer/alcopops) £1.95.



Castle View

Bar Salsa, Cowgatehead, Edinburgh (exterior, castle view)

Yes, definitely a good view of the castle from the outside, but not the inside.


Facebook: Bar Salsa
Twitter: @BarSalsaEdin
Parent: Bruce Group


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