#160: Maggie Dickson’s, Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Maggie Dickson's, Grassmarket, Edinburgh (exterior)

Maggie Dickson’s is named after a fishwife in the 18th century that survived being hung for concealing her pregnancy (more here). Under the law at the time she was deemed to have served her punishment and went on to live for many years.

It’s a fairly clean-cut pub, grey patterned wallpaper, old photos, chandeliers and a few old photos and mirrors. They’re not really playing on the name at all, though there is a big thing on the wall with more of the story about poor Maggie.

On this visit, early Saturday evening, it was busy enough that we had to stand at the bar.

This was pub 6 of 19 on our random February blowout. We started out with the aim of ticking off 8 pubs in the Grassmarket, but got very carried away and did a lot of the Cowgate too. The quality of these posts will deteriorate towards the end as notes become thinner and memory hazier. I’m not particularly proud of the achievement, it was pretty stupid.

The Bar

Maggie Dickson's, Grassmarket, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

One cask, Caledonian Deuchars. Kegs: Tennent’s Lager (x3), Stella Artois, Staropramen, Caledonia Best, Harviestoun Schiehallion, Guinness, Magners.

£16.35 for 3 Schiehallion and a Deuchars, around £4.09 per pint.


Yes, but I didn’t take any notes on the day and there’s no website I can cheat with.


Outdoor seating on the pavement, as with most Grassmarket pubs. At least two TVs showing football.

Castle View



Facebook: Maggie Dicksons


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