#152: Bramble, Queen Street, Edinburgh

Bramble, Queen Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

If you thought Panda & Sons was hard to find, just try this place out. The only outward sign of its existence is a tiny brass plate halfway down some old inconspicuous basement steps on George Street. I’ve already given away too much.

Bramble, Queen Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Inside it was almost as dark as The Last Word, fairly understated decor, low ceiling, exposed brick, white painted stone walls, classic album artwork dotted around (e.g. Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland) and a prominent set of decks, presumably not for general use. There are a few small rooms and alcoves.

It was verging on busy with most of the seats taken already and there was a decent level of chatter and atmosphere, not bad for 7:30pm on a Tuesday. The barman was friendly and chatty, even asking how we were which is quite a novelty. Music-wise it was dancy but interesting, not run-of-the-mill dance pish.

Sister bars include The Last Word and Lucky Liquor Co.

The Bar

Smoke In Your Rye at Bramble, Edinburgh

Bottled beers only: Alechemy Smoke In Your Rye, Williams Caesar Augustus, Kernel IPA and more. The round was £15.something for 3 Caesar Augustus and a Smoke In Your Rye, so at least £3.75 per bottle. I’ll repeat myself from our Lucky Liquor Co visit and heartily recommend the Smoke In Your Rye, apparently specifically brewed for this group of bars.

Most folk will be here for cocktails, not beer. I’m an idiot though and didn’t write any prices down. See their website linked below or Twitter for an idea of their cocktail menu.


I didn’t spot anything.


Interesting lavvies, probably due to space constraints. You’d better be comfortable with the opposite sex is all I can say.

Castle View



Website: www.bramblebar.co.uk
Twitter: @BrambleBar


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