#151: Grand Cru, Hanover Street, Edinburgh

Grand Cru, Hanover Street, Edinburgh (exterior)

Here’s another old haunt from our post-uni Friday nights, when Belhaven Best was all we ever drank. There was one Tuesday night in here when, just after Russ left to catch his train, the bar lady brought us a round of complimentary drinks to say thanks for our patronage on what would otherwise have been a quiet night. I think Russ is still sore about that one.

Back to the present day, for a Tuesday night it was reasonably busy but quieter towards the back where we chose to sit. No problem getting a table. At the weekend it’s a different story entirely, often standing room only.

The decor’s relatively stylish and modern with fancy lighting, but otherwise quite dark at night. The huge windows at the front let in loads of light during the day. Our table was well lit though, a low-hanging light making it feel a bit like we were about to play some poker. At the back there’s an odd arrangement of raised and sunken floors and a mezzanine level too.

The Bar

Grand Cru, Hanover Street, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Keg only: Guinness, Belhaven Best, Carlsberg, San Miguel, Red Stripe, Peroni.

A long list of cocktails, normally £6 to £8 but there was some special deal or other on week nights where some of them are only £3.75.

£16.80 for a Best, a Guinness, a Carlsberg, a bottle of Brooklyn Lager and a mojito. That works out at around £3.36 per drink. Carlsberg was the cheapest at £2.25 a pint and the Brooklyn was dearest at £3.95.


We had our tea in here, everyone opting for the surprisingly cheap bacon and cheese burgers at £7.60, except for Iain’s surf ‘n’ turf burger, something closer to £10. The bacon and cheese burgers were very good for the price, but Iain wasn’t as happy with the surf ‘n’ turf, wished he’d got the same as us.

There was a minor mis-hap with our order in that our burgers all showed up without the bacon. When we brought this up with our server she apologised, disappeared to the kitchen, then came back with a massive plate of bacon for us, severely over-compensating for the mix up. Last time I saw that much bacon was a fry up at a self-catered stag do.

Castle View



Website: grandcrubar.co.uk
Twitter: @grandcrubar
Facebook: Grand Cru Edinburgh


2 responses to “#151: Grand Cru, Hanover Street, Edinburgh

  1. This was the place where russ and I had a few after work beers (way back in 2001 or 2). I believe he still uses the “It-was-all Pete’s-fault” excuse to get away with everything
    Been thoroughly enjoying following your progress (in a non-stalkery way).

    • Cheers Pete. You could do a reciprocal tour over in those foreign parts you’re in. Could make a blip theme at the very least.

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