#149: The Polwarth Tavern, Polwarth Crescent, Edinburgh

The Polwarth Tavern, Polwarth Crescent, Edinburgh (exterior)

Technically, this is just outside the official 1 mile radius of the castle, but so close we decided to just go for it. The pavement outside is within a mile, but the pub isn’t. I live just down the street but hadn’t been in for years.

It’s quite straight-forward decor-wise, neutral shades and dark wood, relatively up-to-date. The stand-out unique feature is only ever apparent during the summer – the windows slide along like a concertina to give the place a bit of a continental feel if the sun’s out.

On a Tuesday night at about 9pm it was quite quiet, just a few folk sitting at the bar watching football and a couple of guys playing pool. It gets busy for big games, sometimes I can hear the cheers echo down the street for the likes of the World Cup. Clientèle is a big mix of locals, regulars, students and Hearts supporters.

We sat and played one of the many board games, “Edinburgh Taxi”, which was surprisingly difficult. It’s all about street names, landmarks and some Edinburgh history. We also had a quick go of Buckaroo but it turned out to be broken. The stereo was playing various soft rock classics along the lines of Ballroom Blitz, Shot Through The Heart, etc.

The Bar

The Polwarth Tavern, Polwarth Crescent, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

2 cask pumps, only one on which was Stewart’s Edinburgh Gold. Kegs were Tennent’s Lager, Hoegaarden, Guinness, Caledonian Best, Heverlee, West St. Mungo, Blackthorn and Magners ciders.

£14.90 for 4 pints and an Irn Bru. So that’s maybe around £3.30 per pint.


I didn’t spot any on the night and can’t cheat cos their website’s not working. There is some recent evidence on their Twitter feed of a pretty decent looking cooked breakfast though.


Pub quiz on a Thursday night at 9pm. Pool Table. Lots of board games.

Castle View



Website: www.polwarthtavern.com (“temporarily offline”)
Twitter: @polwarthtavern
Facebook: Polwarth Tavern (login required, why?)


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