#145: Dickens Lounge Bar, Dalry Road, Edinburgh

Dickens, Dalry Road, Edinburgh (exterior)

I was really looking forward to this pub, having walked past it over 3000 times in the last 7 years, but never plucking up the courage to go in. It’s got a bit of a reputation, but not as bad as The Grapes and that turned out ok. It’s a real local’s bar and by the look of the photos on Facebook they like to enjoy themselves. Oh, and it’s a staunch Hearts pub.

So I’m pretty annoyed that I missed it, and I don’t have the cojones to go in on my own. All I have from the lads is the transcript below. They decided once again to record their notes in a short audio review. They didn’t even take a photo for me. Ok, they did, but it was crap.

Doug: ‘ooks at bar?
Russ: mmmmm…….. ooooh we haven’t seen
West: Can you see if they are,……yes are they under there
Russ: …….eh…….’ooks at bar.
Doug: £14.60, 2x Tennents, 2 x best
West: 2 x best and a 70
Doug: and a seventy aye.
Doug: “The Who” on the telly.
Russ: Pictures of old Edinburgh. I like that.
Doug: There’s a jukebox
Iain: Phot…photos of old Edinburgh, lots of tv screens
West: Boomtown rats
Doug: There’s an unlocked hatch to the loft, which is probably a bit of a danger if Gav’s around.
Doug: Friday night is ladies night, which is probably a great night for us to come.
Russ: hahahaha
Colin: Communal kettle.
Doug: [phone call in background] Describe the ambience
Russ: [pauses to consider the ambience] Convivial
West: [three seconds later] Brown!……….in a good way.

Westy told me later that the titles of a lot of Dickens’ books were all round the walls.

The Bar

From the above transcript and photos on Facebook I’ve got Tennent’s Lager, Belhaven Best, Amstel, Fosters, McEwans 70, 80 and Export, Guinness, Strongbow.

No record of the price of a pint. Does anybody know?


No evidence of anything other than bar snacks, i.e. crisps, nuts etc.


Live music, karaoke, bingo. Big TVs for the footy and other sport. Jukebox.

Castle View



Facebook: Dickens lounge bar


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