#144: Ryrie’s, Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh

Ryrie's, Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh (exterior)

I missed this visit, and the lads decided to record their notes in a short audio clip instead of filling out a form like last time:

Doug: Is there hooks?
Russ: No ‘ooks at bar.
Doug: What beers are there?
Russ: Guinness, Carling, Stella, Ice Cold Tennents (mmmm Tennents),
Doug: Haha
Russ: Flying Scotsman, Black Sheep Bitter, Deuchars IPA, Edinburgh Gold, St Austell Rock’n’Roll…. Ruck’n’Roll….ehm…..then
Iain: Bays Up & Under,
Russ: …and then some cider
Doug: Describe the ambience.
Russ: [pauses to consider the ambience] Pleasant ambience. Pleasant.
Doug: What about the music?
Russ: Too low to hear.
Russ: Facilities.
Doug: What pub is it?
Russ: [creepily] Ryrie’s
Doug: What time is it?
Iain: What?
Russ: heh heh heh heh heh heh.
Doug: Post note – several clocks.
Russ: [in discussion with Colin] ….check on the way out, yeah.
Doug: View of the castle? To be confirmed.
Russ: Good point.
Doug: Lager Shandy £3.65, Pint of Up & Under £3.75
Russ: So it was more expensive for a lager shandy?
Doug: No it’s 10p cheaper.
Colin: Yeah
Doug: Food Review?
Russ: No Nachos
Russ: Cullen skink though

According to their website it’s a Historic Scotland listed building. It’s a shame the neighbouring Caledonian Ale House wasn’t listed. It got demolished in 2008 to make way for a waste-of-space tram. Grrr…

The Bar

Ryrie's, Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Probably cask: Flying Scotsman, Black Sheep Bitter, Deuchars IPA, Edinburgh Gold, St Austell Ruck & Roll, Bays Up ‘n’ Under. Keg: Guinness, Carling, Stella Artois, Tennent’s Lager.

Cocktails! A small selection from £4.50 to £6.50.

Pints are around £3.70.


Mains from £6 for mince and tatties (mmm…) to £8.50, fairly typical pub grub. Burgers £6.50 to £8.50.


Ryrie's, Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh (interior, upstairs bar)

Function room upstairs with private bar. Live music on Sundays. Several TVs for sport.

Castle View

Oops, nobody checked. Unlikely though. I’ll check on my way to work tomorrow.


Website: www.ryriesbar.co.uk
Twitter: @RyriesHaymarket
Facebook: Ryries at Haymarket Station, Edinburgh


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