#140: Le Di-Vin, Randolph Place, Edinburgh

Le Di-Vin, Randolph Place, Edinburgh (exterior)

Not far off the busy thoroughfare of Queensferry Street, through the back of a big tudor/roman façade is this unexpected oasis of calm. After walking through a small enclosed hallway, the doors open up into a tall and spacious room with a grand ceiling. It’s quite a sight when you’re not expecting it. In a former life it was a chapel, the Oratory of St. Anne.

Le Di-Vin, Randolph Place, Edinburgh (interior)

It’s been done up now in tranquil blues and greys, a bright white ceiling, wooden tin-topped bar, mezzanine, long wooden tables and various alcoves. During the day it must be quite bright with windows in the ceiling. Next door to La P’tite Folie, it doesn’t have much in the way of food, just snacks, but they’re the same company I believe.

The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. It wasn’t that busy so we had no problem getting a table. I’ve been in once before, but it was a Friday night and crammed full of very well-to-do looking people. I advise visiting on a Tuesday instead. The music was some sort of chillout-tastic mix, very relaxing. Russ came out with something like “if health spas were like this I’d go to one”.

The Bar

Le Di-Vin, Randolph Place, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

No casks, just kegs: Estrella Galicia, Guinness, John Smith’s, Kronenbourg 1664. We’ll let them off though, being a wine bar and all. At least there’s one interesting beer, if only for its rareness.

Estrella Galicia is a new one on me. I thought at first it was a posher version of Estrella Damm, but they’re not related. The Galicia is nicer if you ask me.

We all expected this to be fairly expensive, but it was only £16.05 for 2 Estrella, 2 Guinness and a reisling. A mere £3.21 per drink. That seemed too good to be true, so I asked the bar man on the way out. He reeled off what we had and how much it was without consulting any receipt or bar tab, and the price was the same. Music to my ears.


Relatively light bites like olives, cured meats and cheeses etcetera. No idea about prices.

Castle View



Website: www.ledivin.co.uk
Twitter: @Le_Di_Vin
Facebook: Le Di-Vin


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