#139: Harry’s Bar, Randolph Place, Edinburgh

Harry's Bar, Randolph Place, Edinburgh (exterior)

Harry’s Bar is a surprisingly spacious basement bar, popular with office types on Friday nights for its relatively cheap drinks offers and lively atmosphere. It’s a very different story on a Tuesday night around 6pm. Three blokes sitting at the bar and a couple in one of the booths by the bar.

There’s lots of wood panelling, a nice wooden bar, touches of stained glass, low ceiling, a sort of stage area at the back with big windows out to the patio. For some reason it reminds me of “Cheers”. The music was a mix of 60s pop classics with Cliff Richard’s “The Young Ones”, The Animals’ “We’ve got to get out of this place”, The Shadows’ “Apache”, etc.

The Bar

Harry's Bar, Randolph Place, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Grolsch, Blue Moon, Carling, Tennent’s Lager, Belhaven Best, Guinness, Magners, Pilsner Urqell, Caledonian Deuchars. As usual I’m not sure whether the Deuchars is cask or keg, and there are no clues in the photo. I’m assuming keg.

Special offers include Cocktail pitchers for £10.50, 2 pint pitchers of Carling or Best for £5.50, a bucket of 5 Corona, Peroni, Budweiser or Bacardi Breezer for £10.

Our round was £15.70 for a Guinness, a Blue Moon, a Best and a gin and tonic. That’s an average of £3.93, but the Blue Moon probably bumped that upwards. Best was £3.60 and so was the g+t.


Their full title is “Harry’s Bar & Kitchen”, so I assume there’s food but I don’t recall seeing a menu. I can’t cheat and look it up on their website either.


There’s a medium-sized patio out the back, probably dominated by smokers. There’s evidence of live music on Facebook, and last time I was in there it was verging on a disco on a Friday night.

Russ said that it had the best bike locking opportunities of the tour. There’s iron railing outside.

Castle View



Facebook: Harrys Bar Edinburgh


One response to “#139: Harry’s Bar, Randolph Place, Edinburgh

  1. The Deuchars is cask. I’ve seen the actual empties sat up at pavement level and they are definitely of the cask persuasion.

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