#138: Frankenstein, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Frankenstein, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh (exterior)

Despite Colin’s objections, we finished the night off in here. Better to get it out the way on a quiet night we thought. And it was certainly quiet. It’s a huge place though.

There are some nice features from the old church that houses the bar like a grand balcony and imposing windows. However, it’s been extensively fitted out and augmented with fake fireplaces, metal cladding, stylistic sci-fi tat and a ruddy great steel contraption above the bar that wheels out “Frankenstein” at regular intervals like a giant cuckoo clock. And don’t forget the lasers and fancy lighting. There are better photos on thier website.

So it’s not quite a night club, but does feel like one when it’s busy. It attracts large crowds at weekends with stag and hen dos, tourists, pre-clubbers, students and general party-lovers. There are actually three floors including the balcony, with another bar downstairs, though only the main floor was open for our visit.

The Bar

Frankenstein, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Cask: Caledonian Deuchars and Flying Scotsman. Keg: Heineken, Guinness, Fosters, Kronenbourg 1664, Tennent’s Lager and Strongbow.

There’s a small cocktail list, all £6.50 (or £4 Monday to Wednesday) and mostly old classics with the exception of the Bloody Mary Shelley.

The round was £11.something for a Deuchars, a Heineken and a Strongbow, so between £3.66 and £4 a pint. That was minus my Ladyboy which I had to get myself for having quit my job. It’s the rules. Lose your job and the kitty pays for your Ladyboy; quit and you have to get one yourself. And Fosters too, grumble, grumble.


The menu is mostly pub classics like fish and chips (£12), burgers (from £9.50, build your own), pastas (under a tenner), salads etc. Surprisingly, it seems a touch on the pricy side.


A surprisingly popular electric chair. Sit in, pay some cash and show your buddies how good you are at pretending to be electrocuted, with smoke effects and everything.

Castle View

Possibly out a back window upstairs, but it was closed.


Website: www.frankensteinedinburgh.co.uk
Twitter: @frank_pub_edin
Facebook: Frankenstein Pub Edinburgh


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