#137: Villager, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

Villager, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh (exterior)

This was easily the busiest bar of the night with standing room only, and on a Tuesday night too. It’s a mildly eccentric retro cocktail bar and eatery. The walls are adorned with quirky 70s-ish and 80s artefacts like some sweet ghetto blasters, a robot (but no spatula hand), a keytar, a Flying V and cymbals for lampshades above the bar.

The punters were all relatively young and somewhat trendy, in their 20s and early 30s perhaps.

They’ve been going around 10 years. Before that it used to be O’Connells, and before that it was Scruffy Murphy’s.

The Bar

Villager, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh (interior, bar)

Not the complete list of beers due to some missing notes. Doom Bar on cask (thanks Pat), othewise all kegs: Grolsch, Sierra Nevada Pale, Fruli, Erdinger, Blue Moon, Peroni, Guinness and Aspall Cyder.

Cocktails from £6.50 and mostly under a tenner, but up to £13 for the wackier ones.

£17.90 for a Guinness, a Grolsch, 2 halves of Sierra Nevada, a pint of o.j. and lemonade and a pot of tea. Assuming £2 each for tea and o.j. that’s looking a lot like about £4.60 per pint. Surely a mistake on my part.


Not your average pub grub, it sounds more restauranty and imaginitive. Going by the menu on their website the prices are still in the pub range, although the PDF is from 2012! The special on the day was pork & chorizo stew with goats chees for £8.50, and that still sounds in the same ballpark.

Castle View



Website: www.villagerbar.com
Twitter: @VillagerBar
Facebook: Villager


2 responses to “#137: Villager, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

  1. I expect you knew I was going to say this but… when I double-checked with the staff at the Villager on my last visit they assured me that the Doom Bar was real ale (OK a keg-type tap with a longer spout).

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